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5 Powerful Tools to Make Your Work-Life Easy

Updated: May 14, 2023

The best part about this day and age is we have access to a multitude of software and online tools available for our daily tasks which makes carrying out our day-to-day work so much easier.

You can find what you need just by typing in a few words on the internet and have a number of different options presented to you in a few seconds. Not only that, they even equip you to make the best possible decision by providing you with reviews from consumers all over the world.

That's the magic of Technology!

And that's what brings us to have a look at the tools and technology available to us when it comes to our work-life. Whether you speak of improving productivity, finding efficient ways of executing the most tedious of tasks, or managing and tracking your time, you will find a variety of tools designed for your specific workplace needs.

Based on the most basics of needs for any professional, here is our pick of the 5 powerful tools that we feel can make your work-life easy.

Image shows a set of tools, the theme of the article is about powerful tools to make your worklife easy.

An Awesome PDF Reader

Who doesn't love a good PDF reader?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is probably the most popular PDF reader being used worldwide and I had been using it as well when I began my life as a student but one day, I was introduced to Foxit Reader by one of our professors and I have not looked back since.

An Awesome PDF Reader

Foxit Reader comes with a great interface and easy to use navigation with all the required features enabling you to add a comment, note, callout, add a textbox, highlight text, highlight an area, insert/replace text, add shapes, convert your file to plain text, and much more! Plus, the application itself is very light as compared to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What's more, you can download it for free!

Foxit also offers a number of other PDF solutions but if you're not interested in buying the whole lot then the next tool might interest you.

An Online Tool for All Your Remaining PDF Related Needs

Speaking of PDF, sometimes we receive documents that we would like to convert to a Word file in order to edit them, we might even need to extract and use some of the images from the PDF in our presentations or other documents. Smallpdf makes all of this possible!

An Online Tool for All Your Remaining PDF Related Needs

I absolutely love their website! Smallpdf allows you to compress your PDFs, turn them into images, turn images to PDFs, merge different PDFs, as well as split pages from your PDFs.

It is a great tool that you can use for your PDF needs, especially if you are in a hurry. The only downside is that the free version allows you two uses per day. You can either use the same feature twice in a day or two different features once a day and the count refreshes after 24 hours.

Nonetheless, if you want to give it a shot, you can select their free trial and make your decision where you want to buy the product for the long-term.

A Visual Thinking Tool for Jotting Down All Your Ideas and Concepts

Mind mapping is something that I feel people don't speak about enough. So I am here with a treat for all of you visual thinkers who are reading this article.

With the inflow of so much information, it becomes all the more important to organize our thoughts and jot down our ideas as soon as they pop up in our heads.

Xmind works wonders for creating a variety of charts for your needs including Tree Charts, Logic Charts, Organizational Charts, Fishbone or Matrix, as well as Mind Maps. You can change the themes and structure, color and emphasize text, add in markers and stickers, add in audio notes, and also utilize the presentation mode. They have different templates available to fit your exact requirements.

A Visual Thinking Tool for Jotting Down All Your Ideas and Concepts

You can download the XMind on your Desktop as well as Mobile and use it for all your business and brainstorming needs.

An Excellent Productivity Tool for You and Your Teams

Isn't there something oddly satisfying to check off that pending item from your list when you are done? I find it very satisfying. I love figuring out ways to improve my productivity on a regular basis and one of the most efficient, tried and tested methods is working with to-do lists.

Nozbe is going to be your next true love when it comes to improving your productivity. This application is available for every device and comes in two versions: Nozbe Personal and Nozbe Teams. Both of these versions are available with free accounts so you can try them out as much as you want and purchase them when you feel that you are ready.

With Nozbe Teams, you can set up your team, add in all your projects, assign tasks to your team members, add attachments and comments, and collaborate on the go on any of your devices.

An Excellent Productivity Tool for You and Your Teams

You can create projects with Nozbe Personal as well and add categories, prioritize tasks, and set deadlines. This should be your pick if you are looking to track your personal chores, office tasks, even groceries list if you want.

An Excellent Productivity Tool for You and Your Teams

Check out Nozbe Personal if you want to use it just for yourself and Nozbe Teams to take care of your project checklists.

A Proofreader for All Your Written Communication

Let's face it. A large part of your work-life revolves around written communication. Whether you are writing an email, a proposal for a big project, preparing a presentation for a big sale, creating an invitation for your audience, creating marketing collateral to grab customers, or simply posting on social media for product promotions. All of these involve writing great content suited to your target audience.

What's more interesting is we never really think about the tone of our written communication. The truth is, what we write might sound and read differently depending upon our state at the time of writing that piece.

That is where Grammarly comes into play. While being a proper proofreader for your content, Grammarly also provides a feature to detect the tone of your writing. Whether your writing sounds informal, formal, friendly, informative, confident, you name it, it will be captured by this app.

A Proofreader for All Your Written Communication

All you need to do is add the Grammarly extension to your browser and let it work its magic!

Well, there you have it. That's our list of the five tools that we find powerful enough to assist you in your daily work.

If any of these tools work for you, do let us know by liking this post and sharing it on social media with your circle!

Happy working!

- The Other Working Woman

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