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Struggles of a Working Woman

Updated: May 14, 2023

You bossy woman!

You, yes you!

The most difficult job in the world for women is not being a mother, a daughter, a wife, or a grandmother because those are all innate things that we are born with and our body takes up those roles automatically. Not to mention our intuition makes it easier for us to navigate those testy waters.

The most difficult job in the world is actually being a working woman, whether you work at a startup, have your own business, or are a corporate employee.

It becomes even more challenging if you are a passionate woman who wants to be at the top and loves to feel all that power. You are then either called bossy, uptight, or arrogant.

Then there's the part where your social life suffers because work comes first, also the fact that you are an intelligent woman capable of handling yourself and making decisions for yourself while all the guys in your vicinity just seem to be looking for women who would do anything they are told without using a fraction of their brain.

So, you can either be a successful career lady or the picture-perfect girlfriend (thank god for all the amazing men who love a powerful woman, wish all women could find one).

Sigh! Life!

Struggles of a Working Woman

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Let's dig a little deeper into a few of these struggles.

Struggle #1: Everyone at work thinks you are dumb

Ha Ha Ha! Not very funny. Have you ever tried to share an idea during a meeting and you've been shot down? Yes. It is so unbelievable that women are not thought of as intelligent beings who have plenty of awesome ideas to share that would turn the business around.

My suggestion to those women: Keep sharing your thoughts and keep speaking up because your time will come. There's no question about it.

Struggle #2: No one takes you seriously

When it is time for promotions, your name is at the bottom of the list. You know why? Because you are too emotional and you won't be able to deal with high-pressure situations.

You might be able to deal with your kids and juggle all the responsibilities at home, but no, you are not right for such situations at work.

My suggestion to those women: Keep mentioning that you are ready for the next level and are very much capable of handling high-pressure moments.

Struggle #3: Choosing the right manager

The question, whether a male manager would be good for your career growth or a female manager. A male manager might think you are dumb (again), a female manager might be jealous and might take credit for the things you do (let's face the truth, there are plenty of women who hate other women).

My suggestion to those women: Don't differentiate, find a human who you can manipulate into giving you what you want while showing them how your work is benefitting them.

Struggle #4: Consistency

By some mighty miracle, you do reach a position of authority after years of ups and downs, rants and cries, and now they expect you to not make even a single mistake. They are all looking at you every second of the day, judging every little thing you do, trying to find a loophole or an opening to make a point that they knew it all along that you were not capable enough. So you are in a boat called "consistency" that you need to keep rowing in order to keep moving towards your destination.

My suggestion to those women: There are plenty of jobs out there, know your worth, give a shut-up call where it's due and do not falter. Keep moving onward.

There are many more struggles and hardships to overcome but start with these tips if you are facing any of the above-mentioned challenges.

Remember, you are a powerful human being.

- The Other Working Woman

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