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The Power and Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Your Career Growth

Updated: May 14, 2023

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn? If not, you are missing out on tons of job offers and career transition opportunities.

This networking platform can open a cave of wonders for you if used the right way. And it is relevant to be part of this platform now more than ever if you want to be showcased as a true professional of an industry that you want to thrive in.

We are not going to provide you with an extensive list of features that LinkedIn has to offer but this article highlights the most important and beneficial ones out of the lot.

Image shows a figure with a check mark on it to depict online presence on LinkedIn which can help to boost career growth, which is what the article is about.

Online Presence

This is definitely the online presence you should be most worried about. You apply for a job, the first thing a recruiter is going to do is look for you on LinkedIn. Does this candidate have a LinkedIn profile? Are they really all that they claim to be in their resume? What sort of profile photo do they have? Is it professional? What about their skills? Do they have any endorsements for their skills? Any recommendations to validate their claims?

In short, make sure you have a LinkedIn profile and it highlights all you wish to present to the world as a professional in your industry.

This also gives you a chance to appear on Google search results if someone searches for your name. So make sure, whatever pops up is what you'd like recruiters and industry leaders to know about you.

One more thing to note is your LinkedIn presence is global and the opportunities it presents are global.

Career Opportunities

Recruiters from the best companies from around the world have access to LinkedIn. This is where they hunt for candidates that are fit for their companies. Your LinkedIn profile, if properly curated, can open doors to endless career opportunities, to the point that hiring managers will be sending you cold emails instead of the other way around.

LinkedIn is a powerful job board where you can search for jobs across the globe and apply to them directly through the platform. You have access to features where you can receive salary insights for your job role to better prepare for pay negotiations. LinkedIn also allows you to show yourself open for work to hiring managers without jeopardizing your current job.

You can keep up with the latest trends shared on LinkedIn about your industry and constantly upskill yourself to meet the requirements.

You can research and follow prospective companies and their employees to find the best fit for yourself.

The possibilities are endless.

Professional Branding

LinkedIn provides you with numerous features to keep your professional profile updated and promote your personal brand. Besides adding a summary, job experience, and education, you can also use the 'Featured' option to highlight your most impactful work. This makes it easier for hiring managers to gather information on your work the instant they visit your profile, they wouldn't even need to scroll down through your profile to the experience or certifications sections.

The 'Featured' section also serves the purpose of highlighting what your professional brand is all about. Add your recent speaking engagement, your most noticeable publication, your most extensive job role, and your most valued certification in the 'Featured' section.

Recommendations and endorsements are another great way to highlight your professional brand. This is the place where your professional connections validate all that you've claimed in your resume, in your interview, and on your LinkedIn profile.

Be intentional about asking for recommendations and make sure they have a weightage that would make your professional profile stand out from the crowd.

Another great way to reach out to your network and beyond is by sharing posts. Share your learnings, your experience meeting with a mentor you admire, giving a shout-out to your colleagues who have helped you. It can be anything that enhances a part of your professional brand.


Gone are the days when sharing your business card at a conference was enough for networking. The best thing about having a professional profile on LinkedIn is that you can instantly search and find the person that you want to connect with post-event. You can even research the speakers who will be at the conference to pre-plan your networking game.

Connecting with industry professionals has never been easier, you can utilize LinkedIn groups, follow influencers, post articles about your work and tag people who you'd like to share your progress with. LinkedIn has the power to connect professionals who you'd never imagine having a conversation with before.

So, what are you waiting for? Scan your LinkedIn profile and update the relevant sections to highlight your best professional accomplishments.

Set yourself up for success!

- The Other Working Woman

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